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Forward Sports is a consumer driven, design oriented and an Innovative Company, aiming to work with coherence of renowned global Brands, organizations and entrepreneurs, translating marketing and business goals into design strategy, novelty and to attain a new product success.

We are proud of our incredible history and the journey which started back in 1980 with the passion of a young enthusiastic engineer enriched with the skills embedded in the grains of Sialkot - Pakistan.

We produce and supply sports goods all over the world. Starting our journey from a thousand balls per day to this day where we are supplying the entire world with our premium quality sports goods, we sure have come a long way. The most we are indebted to is the amazing craftsmanship of the local workers who perform the magic with their hands.

We now, although, work with sophisticated technology and intelligent machinery to produce our products, that come at par with the standards of the international game. We never forget that it all started with the skill and expertise of the earliest workers of the region who set the stage for this industry.

While we move forward with the pace of technology and modernization, we are convinced there is nothing like the unparalleled skill of the workers, which is the major point of attraction for the exporters, sellers and suppliers.

We believe that advancement and improvement are driven by the needs of our users and the marketplace and we will continuously strive to ensure our solutions bring value to our clients and their customers. Our ambition is to bring about a positive change in the world and transform lives and improve wellbeing whilst striving to be environmentally conscious.

We take immense pride in having launched various in-house skills enhancement programs, partnering with charities and other non-profit organizations to support our local communities through turning challenges of a developing world into opportunities.

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