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HSE Policies

HSE policies


Occupational Health & Safety policy

Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd. is a company manufacturing & exporting footballs for international markets. We understand that our employees may have a hazard by performing their activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources. 

Forward Sports is committed to continuous improvement of its OH&S Management System for the achievement of healthy, safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about providing the healthy and safe environment to our employees to avoid any hazards.

Relevant Health & Safety regulation

ILO Conventions related to Health & Safety

Workplace Standard's requirements

To sustain this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of occupational health & safety management system of OHSAS 18001:2007. 

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.

Medical / Social Security Policy

It is the policy of Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd to provide the benefits of Social Security or Medical facility after the probation period of 3 months. Social Security department provides the workers with the facility of free medical treatment in both indoor and outdoor. This facility covers the medical treatment of the employee's family for which our company is paying 6 % of employee salary on monthly basis.

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Forward sports (Pvt.) Ltd is committed to provide PPEs to all employees where there is any exposure to potential hazards. Personal protective equipment play an important role in reducing the effects of an incident on people involved in it. The company recognizes and shall ensure to provide the PPEs for the protections like: Head Protection, Foot/instep protection, Eye protection, hand protection and breathing protection etc.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

It is the policy of Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd that to provide the safe & healthy working environment including protection from fire, accidents and toxic substances to our valuable workforce. We believe that safe & healthy working environment is the right of every employee and organization is committed to maintain and continuously improve the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions by adoption of Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

Fire Safety Policy

It is the policy of Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd to encourage and supports a high quality approach to maintaining a fire safe environment. Company shall make necessary arrangement to ensure the protection of workforce from any occurrence of accident / incident. To ensure the fire safety Company shall review the safety equipment periodically.

Smoking Policy

It is the policy of Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd that all workforces shall not be allowed to smoke in working areas. Only nominated areas shall be allowed for smoking near factory entrance gate. Moreover company discourages smoking as it is injurious to health of employees and wastage of money.

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