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Environmental Policy



Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd. is a company manufacturing & exporting footballs for international markets. We understand that our business may have an environmental impact by performing our activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources. 

Forward Sports is committed to continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System for the achievement of safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about the Prevention of pollution for the safe living.

The relevant NEQS of Pakistan

WFSGI regulations related to environment

Environmental Law and Guidelines

To sustain this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of environmental management system of ISO 14001. These apply to all related activities.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.

Energy Management Policy

Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd continue to reduce the environmental impact by using of energy management system. Efficient use of energy is cost effective and through this we can improve the work environment by using the energy saver lights instead of tube light or else to save the energy. For the efficient use of Energy, Company's T&D department shall communicate the implications of energy management system to all management staff and workers.

Waste Management Policy    

It is the policy of Forward Sports (Pvt.) Ltd to manage the waste of manufacturing process as per Environmental Management System. Company shall follow the environmental law 1997 for classification and reduction of wastes by adoption of technical support.

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