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Leadership is one of the most essential aspects for the success of any organization. Achieving the goal, cannot be the handiwork of just one individual. It is teamwork that makes it possible for leadership to achieve goals the organization has set up. The great example of working together as team such as the persons are listed below.

Khawaja Masood Akhtar
Khawaja Hassan Masood
Jean-Jacques Bouteiller
Babar Ala Ud Din Farooqi
Director General Administration
Major Shahid Ali (R)
General Manager
Hammad ur Rahman
General Manager PPC
Asif Ali
GM Banking and Finance
Imran Rasheed
Merchandising Manager
Muhammad Waqas
IT Manager 
PPC Manager
Asghar Sulahri
Manager R & D
Arif Hussain Shah
Manager Designing Department
Karamat Ali Taj
Purchasing Manager
Maj Akmal (R)
Admin Manager
Saeed Mahr
Deputy GM Human Resources
Saleem Nawaz
Manager Compliance
Muhammad Mansha
Deputy General Manager Costing & Audit
Deputy Manager T & D
Zulqarnain Ashraf
Export Manager
Deputy Manager (I.A)
Muhammad Kashif Najeeb
Deputy GM Production
Bader Muneer
Senior Manager QA/QC
Bilal Shahid Shamsi
Manager New Product Development
Sohail Ghouri
Lab Manager

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