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Sustainability Report

Environment and OHS Report Of 2016


Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Procedure of Forward Sports Pvt Ltd

Forward Sports (Pvt) Ltd Soccer Ball Supplier 

Forward Sports was established in 1990 as a Private Limited Company.  Its Initial Work force was 50 Employees. Company started work with Adidas in 1994 with capacity of 500 Balls/Day. After a healthy journey of 23 years with adidas, Today Forward is a leading soccer ball supplier from Pakistan having the capacity of 35,000 balls/day with 2605 employees.

Company has well established EHS department to check the health and safety of occupational health and the protection of environment. To provide the safest working conditions with eco-friendly environment is our vision. 

Our aims in this direction are:

  • To comply with local, WFGSI and customers? occupational Health and Safety standards along with Environmental legislation.
  • To determine the risk of possible work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental degradation in order to avoid any adverse impacts by taking appropriate measures.
  • Company gives preference to use substances, materials and equipment which are risk free/less risky in terms of Occupational Health Safety and Environment.
  • Company conducts regular training sessions for employees in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety and efficient Environment management system. 
  • We require the cooperation of our employees in order to make Forward Sports a risk free zone. 
  • Protection of workers? Health and Environment is the basic principle of Forward Sports (pvt) Ltd. 
  • Some basic purposes of environmental policies  are as given below:
  • All of our activities comply with national and international Environmental Legislation ensuring to determine all kinds of environmental factors that lead to environmental pollution.
  • To minimize environmental pollution by continuously improving our performance.
  • To follow the reduce, reuse and recycling strategies in order to reduce the waste generation.
  • To ensure efficient utilization of beneficial natural resources i.e. Water, Energy and Raw Material.
  • To consider environmental factors during the whole production process of our product. 
  • To receive training to increase our environmental performance both inside and outside the company.
  • To make all employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors aware of the environment, and to encourage them to respect the environment.
  • Company annually reviews the Environmental goals and objectives in order to ensure the continuous development and to follow the decisions taken by top management.

As Forward Sports believes that natural resources should be used efficiently that?s why Company collects the used paper in Waste paper boxes and send it back to supplier for recycling. In addition company uses both sides of papers for printing in internal usage. Performance or current practices of EHS department (Forward Sports (Pvt) Ltd) can be described as:

(1) Environmental and Social Management

(2) Sustainable Projects, Targets and Results

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